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Helping you transform the health of your community and the lives of the people you care about

If you have an idea for a program, support group, community action or service, we can help bring it to life.
In concert with you, or your team, we help develop programming for a new or better service, keeping your idea and community’s needs at the forefront.
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Laurel Phillips has a masters degree in Narrative Therapy and Community Work from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She has developed programs and services for the Canadian Mental Health Association, non-profit and for profit organizations, and has innovated therapeutic approaches to pain and trauma. Her work on pain has been publish in the International Journal of Narrative Therapy. She volunteers as a community counselor and social worker.

Laurel also has a history as a graphic artist and businesswoman. 

Laurel also works as Community Social Worker and runs a drop-in twice a week at the Salvation Army Food Bank in Gibsons.


In January 2022, my friend and business soul mate, Hugh Macaulay, passed away after a 6-month battle with lung cancer. I'll miss you.

Hugh Macaulay is a journalist, technical writer, and project manager. He worked for the Government of Canada and as a project designer for private and public-sector firms. These include Raytheon Systems, Nordion Canada (formerly Atomic Energy Canada), and the National Research Council. He was president of the Arrowhead Clubhouse Society, co-founder of Ocean Vegetables community garden in Sechelt, and founder of the kitchen program at the St. Hilda’s Church homeless shelter.

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